Rafael Escovedo


Photographer since 2006, Webdesigner since 2010. Drone pilot since 2014, what’s next?

I was born somewhere in Rio de Janeiro, and then after some years grew up in both height and weight. Along the way I went to two prestigious colleges where I learned about important things, like student loans and what I really should be doing instead of taking boring classes. Shortly after that I lost all my hair gambling, but that’s another story…

Then I worked for different famous and important people and companies. For some reason, they really liked my work, mostly because I wasn’t what they were expecting. Then I ended up where I am now – by the way I’m a Social Media Czar for travel and cruise companies – and this is where I do my really big stuff by combining 360º technology, powerful Drones and overpowered editing skills in order to promote traveling.

I’ve won a bunch of important and/or impressive awards for some of that stuff, they even posted my oval shaped face and belly on newspapers and some websites. I hope to continue doing stuff for sometime now, as I’m kinda crazy for the lifestyle. I like to sleep in one country and waking up in another, that’s why I live and work mostly on cruise ships.

Feel free to contact me at anytime, anywhere, about anything. I can’t promise that I will answer btw, but surely will do my best. <3

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